How to get

Camping St. Gião | Oliveira do Hospital | Portugal

In Port / Lisbon :

- A1 > Coimbatore North exitmapa km
- Take – IP3 direction Viseu
- No IP3, turn right, going to transit in IC6 (output: Oliveira do Hospital ) (29 Km)
- Go straight until you enter the EN 17 (12 Km)
- That N17, after crossing to Oliveira do Hospital and always follows after 200m turn right into the road EM506 (with the Lidl, follow the arrows indicating the location of the festival)
- After 4km turn right onto the M515 (Roman bridge), S.Gião direction and Camping.

GPS :: 40º 20'47″N -7º48’28″In

Make your own itinerary:

Public transport to Oliveira do Hospital:

Taxis – Oliveira do Hospital:
Such. – 961900233 // 919355880 // 969021970

Directions from Salamanca and A1/Coimbra:

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