Right in the center of Portugal, Sao Giao is a beautiful region located in the stunning wild slopes of the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in the country.

Dista, significantly, headquarters gives Concelho (Oliveira do Hospital) 10km away from the district headquarters (Coimbra) 84km, fying in search of 281km from capital (Lisbon), 182 miles from the Port and about 400km from Madrid.

The location of Refresh is located at an altitude of 700 meters, in the middle of a beautiful forest crossed by a magnificent river. It is protected by an area with 80% shade created by trees, that will give us fresh through the summer heat Portuguese.

The Alva River runs through the site and is also a small island, optimal experience for a sunny, along with a magical spot for swimming and diving in the fresh water of the river.

Camping St. Gião | Oliveira do Hospital | Portugal

GPS » 40’’33′N, 7’’80′In