Workshops / Lectures / Therapies

In an area quite cool and pleasant surrounded by artisan market and biological, we will hold workshops on music and dance, among others, and lectures on various topics related to the environment, to ecologria, recycling and renewable energy. Opportunity also to achieve healthy practices, as well as some therapies.

If you are interested in participating in the editing 2013 send an email with your request to:

Editing 2011 – so there was 2 years

22 July - Friday

Workshop techniques of Yoga and Meditation - Didier Fernandes

Workshop / Talk about degrowth - Maria João Rebola

Caught Short on - Element Indesejado

23 July - Saturday

Yoga – Marion de Ruiter (Netherlands)

Screening of the film: “Zeitgeist Moving Forward” – Zeitgeist Movement Portugal

Workshop Sound Recordings Field in Rural Context - Luís Antero

Workshop de Canto – Rosalinde Schom (Netherlands)

"Do not Make Junk!” – Planetazul

Natural Cosmetics - Denise Pereira

Workshop Sound Recordings Field in Rural Context - Luís Antero

Caught Short on - Element Indesejado

Reflexology Workshop - Sofia Bouçadas

The workshop Dança Africana - School Seed

Workshop de Percussão Africana – School Seed

24 July - Sunday

Yoga – Marion de Ruiter (Netherlands)

Biodiversity, Alternative Energy and Recycling - Francisco Antonio Esteves

Winds of Change - Zeitgeist Movement Portugal

Organic Farming and Sustainable - Germisen

Introduction to Permaculture - Tiago Silva

Naturopathy with proof of teas and preparation of facial masks - Eunice Cardoso and Deborah Rocha

Workshop de Massagem Shiatsu – Didier Fernandes

Artistic Penteados - Joana Neves

Caught Short on - Element Indesejado