Art & Culture

The set of program attractiveness present in these 3 day festival is very broad, from musicians actuações, bands, dj’s, live acts, a performance fogo, dance, workshops, lectures, desportos radicais e espectáculos visuais.

In the Blue Temple act since late afternoon until morning some of the best dj's and live acts of our time at the international level as well as the best artists in the forefront of national electronic.

Durante o dia o Tropical Bar funcionará com sonoridades muito variadas como o dub, reggae, house, tech, funky, dubstep, among other. Por entre as sombras do bonito parque junto ao mercado poderão assistir durante o dia a workshops e também palestras sobre os mais variados temas relacionados com o ambiente. Also during the day you can watch and participate in extreme sports, is expected to carry out tests and demonstrations of skateboarding, bmx, trial-bike, among others.

Healthy practices like yoga, Massages, among other, will be possible to perform the best and relaxed environment along the river, as well as enjoy some alternative crops. The festival will also have an interesting market with organic products and recycled items.

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