Is included in the passes of the re-sale of Refresh the free camping at the campsite of São Gião, limited to the existing space and as an alternative we suggest the following sites.

You do not like to camp and do not know where to stay? There are hotels nearby, advised to make reservations in time and this site to get good prices. On the site can compare prices at various booking sites and find accommodation near the festival at a reduced price!

Hotel São Paulo(***)

Rua Prof. Antunes Varela, No.. 3
3400-133 Oliveira do Hospital
Phone: 238609000
Fax: 238609001
Endereço Web:

Quinta do Forninho

Catraia São Palo
3400-002 Oliveira do Hospital
Phone: 238600318
Endereço Web:

Rural Apartments - Quinta da Geia, Lda.

Wide yard of the Fund's Place
3400-214 Village of Ten
Phone: 238670010
Fax: 238670019
Endereço Web:

Thursday Milling

Frontier Avenue
3400-301 Alvôco of Wetlands
Phone: 238666443
Endereço Web:

Inn of the Convent of Desagravo – The Pestana Group Inns

Walk the Convent
3400-758 Little village of Beira
Phone: 238670080
Fax: 238670081
Email: recepcao.desagravo @
Endereço Web:

Camping in S.Gião

Bridge of Three Entries
3400-570 Are Gião
Phone: 238691154
Fax: 238692451

Camping Bridge of Three Entries – Anthony Lancaster, Lda.

Bridge of Three Entries
3400-591 Santa Ovary – OHP
Phone: 238670050
Fax: 238670055

The Footbridge Hostel / Restaurant – Maria da Graça Mendes da Costa

Rua Prof. Garcia António Vasconcelos, No. 1
3400-380 Grandfather
Phone: 238670030
Endereço Web:

Aparthotel Quinta do Crestelo (***)

Road Seia Romà
6270 Seia
Phone: (+351) 238320050
Fax: (+351) 238320051

Hotel Camelo (***)

Avenida 1. º de Maio, 16 6270-479 Seia
Phone: (+351) 238310100
Fax: (+351) 238310101